Travertine vs Marble Tile ─ The Ultimate Showdown

Travertine vs Marble Tile

Having lived with both travertine and marble tiles in my home, I know firsthand how each offers its own kind of beauty and functionality.  Both stones have uplifted the aesthetics of my spaces in different ways, yet they also presented unique challenges in terms of maintenance and cost. Through this blog post, I’ll share valuable … Read more

What Are the Best Tiles for Shower Floors? A Blend of Function and Fashion

Ever stepped into a shower and thought about the tiles beneath your feet? If not, it’s high time you did! The tiles you choose for your shower floor play a pivotal role in ensuring your safety, enhancing the aesthetics of your bathroom, and guaranteeing durability. Choosing the right tiles isn’t just about matching colors or … Read more

Marble vs. Porcelain: A Comprehensive Comparison to Determine the Best Choice for You


It’s no secret that our homes are a reflection of who we are, and the materials we choose play a pivotal role in this projection. Whether it’s marble’s opulence or porcelain’s practicality, the timeless debate of Marble vs. Porcelain often leaves homeowners in a quandary. The conundrum stems from the allure of both materials, each … Read more

Can You Tile Over Brick Wall – Enhance Your Décor

Can You Tile Over Brick Wall - Enhance Your Décor

When it comes to home improvement, one question often asked is: “Can you tile over a brick wall?” To answer it briefly: yes, you can! However, this is a task that involves a bit more complex than your average DIY project. Understanding the ins and outs of the tiling process will ensure a smoother and … Read more