Curtis Military Incentive ProgramFrequent relocations are part of military life. Moving can be challenging and stressful to service members and their families. As part of our service to our local military neighbors, we provide relocation services to help families navigate moving-related challenges.

Curtis Homes is proud to offer a Five Star Military Incentive Program, a first-class service for active military personnel who are searching for a new home in Southern Maryland. The program benefits include:

  • FREE home inspection, if you can’t be there, up to $300. You select the inspector, and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Emailed photos of your home during the construction process, on a regular basis
  • Emailed reports, changes, updates, etc.
  • Assistance with transactions including settlements, legal or financial matters
  • All done remotely if you cannot be here, in a safe and secure way
  • and we’ll keep record of everything for your return

Military Relations

Valerie Smith, Director of Military Relations

Curtis Homes strives to help military personnel, both active and retired, have as smooth of a transition to their new location as possible. We make it our goal to help transferred staff acclimate to their new home and their new surroundings quickly and efficiently.  That is why we have an on-site director of military relations to help answer any questions you may have about Calvert or St. Mary’s County, provide you with helpful resources, and ensure that you benefit from our five star military relocation program.

As a military spouse of 24 years, Valerie knows what an effort it is to relocate, having done numerous moves with her family. Southern Maryland is a wonderful place to live and we’d like to help you find your dream home here. Call her directly at 443-624-2954 or email her to get more information.


Helpful Moving Tips

  • As soon as your orders come down, start gathering information and possibly make a trip to take a look at your new installation and the surrounding area in person.
  • Set up transportation counseling with your current installation transportation office or do self counseling on
  • Have a PCS specific Power of Attorney or Letter of Authority drawn up if your spouse will be handling any of the details without you present.
  • Create a way of tracking moving related expenses (you will need to account for your expenses and have receipts for reimbursements).
  • Start or update your personal property inventory.
  • Make sure there are no stickers left from your previous moves on your furniture.
  • Make a vet appointment for your pets. Update any needed vaccinations. Get a full copy of your pet’s medical records to take with you. Make plans where your pet will stay while the house is being packed and when you arrive at your new location.
  • Start gathering information needed to register you child at their new school. Make sure this does not get packed!
  • Confirm packing, pick up and delivery dates with the movers/transportation office a month before your move date.
  • If you have your new address, forward your mail and submit a change of address. If you don’t, put your mail on hold.
  • Notify utilities of your move out date and make arrangements to close out accounts.
  • Get all prescriptions refilled. (Tricare recommends getting 90 days of refills)
  • Buy a couple of boxes of plastic baggies – these will come in handy when packing large sets of small items, like silverware, the “junk drawer” or for components of furniture that need to be broken down (i.e. screws, bolts). Make sure to label the bag as to where the contents came from.
  • Have clean sheets available to slide in the box your mattresses are being packed in. This way you have the sheets to immediately put on the bed when it arrives instead of searching for the “linen box”.

Download your PCS Toolkit to help you get and stay organized for your next move.

Modified Home for Military Buyer

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.56.47 AMThe VA offers monetary assistance to Veterans with specific service-connected physical disabilities, so they can construct or modify a home to best meet their needs. Curtis Homes can help with that. We can modify our existing home plans for buyers. From walkways and ramps to islands and grab bars, just tell us what your needs are and we’ll make it happen.

Take a look at the home we just modified for one of our buyers. We modified the garage to include handicapped ramps, and created special paved walkways from the driveway to the garage.  We added special ramps in the screened in porch. The Master bath has been modified to include easy access for a wheel chair & special grab bars.  The sink in the master bath has been modified so a wheel chair could have easy access. The entrance from the garage to the laundry room has been modified so there easy access.  The center island in the kitchen was reduced to allow better maneuverability.  The doors are wider in accordance with The American Disabilities Act Guidelines.